Sunday, August 30, 2009

Turtles, snakes, kitties, and shelties...oh my!

Great fun this weekend. After the park on Saturday, we went to Petsmart to get some of our favorite liver treats. We got some major loving at the store. We also saw some kitties needing new homes. Gave them a good sniffing over. We walked up the shopping area to Starbucks. We chilled outside in the cafe area while mom went inside to get us refreshments. We got some pets and more loving from other Starbuck customers. We also had a yummy lemonade/strawberry frozen drinky to cool us down, plus we had a few bites of mom's rice krispy treaty. Yum! We hope to do this every weekend!

At the park we saw a snake at the creek bank! Yikes! Mom jumped more than the snake when we saw it. We also saw a cool turtle who was just chilling.

Lilly cat has been hanging in the back yard with us in the evenings. Very cool! She never has come outside before, but has been exploring her world (mostly on the back porch!).

Most evenings she doesn't want to come inside now. New world.....that is until winter sets in probably!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Frolicking in the creek

Had another great weekend. We went to the park today as usual, but we had some extra fun. We walked down by the creek at a part we usually don't walk past. We discovered that there was a path way down to the creek, so we explored. Did a little frolicking in the creek. We had fun!!

Poor Lilly cat had to go to the vet this weekend for her yearly check up. She did really well, but they had to take blood from her and she got a shot. So, we were extra nice to her this weekend.

Mom bought her a new catnip toy, because she was such a good kitty. Not sure why we couldn't play with it, but mom kept telling us to give it back to Lilly.

The toy was a dog named "dofus dog". Hum, was this kitty's idea of irony?

Abby was trying to help mom fold the laundry. She is such a good girl!

Monday, August 17, 2009


Saturday on the way to the park mom opened the front car door, before the back door. Aiden jumps right in the front! He called shotgun!! Um, Aiden you ride in the back! But mom is a sap and couldn't move the little boy.

He seem to enjoy his front seat ride!

Even worked his magic with his music selections on the ipod!

Next day Abby said it was her turn to call shutgun!

Wow this is pretty cool!

Eat your heart our Aidenl!

We enjoyed our evening hanging out with some new bones and Lilly cat.

"The Kids"

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We're Famous!!....well sort of....(at least some of us, pfft..)

Couple weeks ago we were taking our usual walk in the park. This man approached us with a camera and asked if he could take some pictures of us. He was from the local newspaper, and was just taking some lifestyle shots to feature in the paper. Of course we were up for it! We are always up for anything!! But moms weren't too keen because they had their "park gear" on. They played good sports though. We walked up and down the trail, while he followed us around. He even got on the ground, and we proceeded to love him up. He then asked us if we saw anything else interesting in the park that day. Moms pointed out the kids tubing in the creek. He thanked us and went to check out the kids. We kinda forgot about it, until someone told mom at work that our picture was in the paper!!

We are famous!!! (well maybe in the park)....ahhh wait, there is one problem. Um, where is Abby??
Oh yeah, she is the feet behind Aiden. Once again, big brother trying to outshine is little sister. Taking all the attention and limelight.

......Pffttt, he ain't that cute!!

Aiden says - oh yes I am!!!...

Ready for my close ups!

Posing for my fans.

Lilly says - don't worry Abby we will take him down a few pegs. This ain't that great a picture.

We have had quite a few people stop us in the park to tell us they saw our picture in the paper. Aiden might have to do a paw print session for all his fans.

Abby, Aiden and Lilly are all stars to moms!!


Mom was flipping through her favorite clothing catalog that just came in the mail, and she squealed. It wasn't just the new fall collection. She loved seeing the doggies that reminded her of us. Good to see representing of our kind!

So cute!!! (We could have done that!)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Slushy Bath Time Fun

We had quite another busy weekend. We had a walk in the park on Saturday, then we went to a new place called DQ. We had a new thing called a slushy. It was pretty good and cooled us down. Although we like Rita's Italian Ice better.

Today we had another nice walk in the park. We had fun chasing the butterflies.

Then we had the spa treatment. Bath, nails, brushing.

We tried to help each other dry off then.

Mom said we had to get a bath before we could sleep in our new crate beds.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Almost Wordless Wednesday

.....sorry just a short commentary.

Mom was home today to annoy us.....

Pup, pup, goose?

On our walk in the park this weekend we walked up upon this..

It was just hanging out by the creek. We checked it out for a bit and moved on.
Wondered if it was lost from the rest of it's flock. Odd to see one Canadian goose by itself.

We saw this creature too by the creek, liked it's pretty colors.

We love the park!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Abby and Aiden's 1st Birthday Bash

Last weekend we celebrated Abby and Aiden's 1st birthday. Grandma and grandpa came over. We had cake, and open presents. It was one of the bestest days ever!!!

Mom made us wear these party hats.

What is this thing??

Wait for it!....


Lilly had to come check out what was going on!...

Then it is present time!!

This is just ridiculous!

Watch us open our stuff..

(we aren't spoiled!)