Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Clearance Sucks!

Been a while since we blogged, although we have been very busy. Few weeks ago we went Outlet shopping with Grandma. We got so much love from all the shoppers, especially all the kids. Moms were still able to spend too much money, even though we were along. Had a great time! We think Clearance Sales suck though. Mom was able to find left over halloween costumes to torture us with. Just because they were $1 a piece, doesn't mean you should have bought them!

Hope she loses them until next year!

We also went back to visit the lake. This time we feed some of the birds bread. We tried getting a few bites ourselves.

Still going to the park, exploring. We love to jump in the creek.

We also helped mom make us some rice krispy treats (you know, like the ones we like at Starbucks!). We supervised and was quality control. Also helped mom clean her hands off and clean the pan out.

Moms were worried about Aiden. His elbow started making a clicking sound sometimes when he walked. After going to the vet, she said it was probably a stretched ligament and should heal in a few weeks with the help of some supplements. Doesn't seem to slow the little boy down. Good news is that Aiden lost a pound and a half! Last time we were at the vet she said he had some chunky monkey on him. Now he is just a little monkey, with a clicky elbow.