Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Checking In

Hey!! Sorry, we haven't been around in a while. Time just flies by! Been doing our usual - playing, going to the park, chasing birds and chipmunks in the yard, getting loving. We did check out the new cafe that opened close to our park. They have FREE dog biscuits!!

Is that a biscuit???

We have been feeding the new ducklings at the lake too.

Mom has been playing hide-n-seek egg in the yard with us.

Did I get it??

Lilly cat has been hanging in the back yard with us. Abby is trying to tell Lilly that catnip is wack, maybe she should give it up. Take up biscuits instead.

Anyway, looking forward to the fun summer ahead. Mom was talking about another road trip to the beach in the fall, but we will see!!