Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Exploring Our Hood

We went exploring and hiking at King's Gap State Park the other weekend. So close to our house, but we had never been there! Was very beautiful with the gardens, trails, views, and the mansion. We even got much loving and many pets from other hikers and the park rangers. We will have to go back and try out some more trails. There were quite a few photo ops along the way.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Riding the Fall Waves

We went on a lovely road trip to the beach again a couple of weekends ago. This time we stayed in a house, because the hotel we were staying in no longer allows dogs as guests (hopefully not because of us!). It was a really lovely house, and we had lots of room. We loved running up and down the steps, and spreading out on the couches and beds. Unfortunately, a good part of the time it was pouring down raining. We spent one whole day chilling in bed, which was kind of nice, but we would have loved to spent the day on the beach. We did manage to get some beach time, take some lovely walks, and rode some waves! Road trip! We are always ready to go! Hopefully next time we see more sunshine!

Beach bunnies...

A little wet....

Enjoying the house....

Aiden got ice cream on his nose somehow when we were on the boardwalk...

So cute you could lick it off!

We told mom that we liked staying in the house. We voted for it next road trip!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Meet Lucy

The kitten and her momma that have been living in our back yard are still around. They both visited the vet, and mom said they got this thing called spayed. The momma cat didn't want to stay inside, but comes to visit us every day. Mom put a house outside for her in the meantime, so she is more comfortable outside. The kitten on the other hand doesn't want to go back outside. She has made herself at home and is enjoying her new world. She has been such a good kitten - using the litter box, scratching on the scratching toy, playing with her toys. Mom wasn't looking for another kitten, but she couldn't resist that cute kitten face, especially when she needed help. We have been welcoming her into the family.

Meet Lucy!

Exploring her new world.

I kiss the kitty


Sharing the couch

We will keep working on her momma Fiona, but in the meantime we will do the best we can for her. Lucy has found herself a home. Lilly is slowly warming up to sharing her kingdom!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Last of the Summer Puppy Plunge

Hope everyone had a good summer. It was a really hot summer, but we are getting some cooler weather now. Over the weekend, we went to an end of the summer event at the local pool. Since the pool is going to be closed for the season, the last day it was open went to the dogs. We were allowed to swim and play with other puppies. We were very good, and had a fun time! Most of the dogs that were there were bigger than us, so we hung out in the smaller pool. We managed to find some friendly people who had biscuits and kisses for us there too. What a great day, and a pawsome way to end the summer!

We going to swim!!

Wait, do I smell biscuits (luckily we got a bag when we left!)

Doggies having fun!

Getting our feet wet.

Abby somehow fell in (with a little nudge from Aiden)! Luckily, lifeguard Lisa was there to save her.

I know I got treats over here before.....

Mom said this was practice for our trip to the beach in a few weeks.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

2nd Barkday

Yes we are 2 now!! Mom can't believe how fast her babies are growing up! We had a low keyed birthday celebration weekend (well low keyed for us). Grandma and Grandpa came over for dinner, and we had cake!!

Grandma can we have some of that!!

You have any left??


We also had a few treats, and some spa time.

Something else new going on. A momma cat and kitten have been hanging around in our yard. Mom isn't sure what to do for them. Right now she is just giving them food and water.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hot in Harrisburg

Hey again, summer is just flying by! Last week was sooooo hot! We did our best to stay cool, but still keep our activities up as best as we could.

We take as many dips in the creek as we can. Although we still try to explore the park.

There were these strange birds that kept making noise at us. We were just checking them out.

This is the little baby bird we saw.....

This was mamma a little irritated we were near baby. Mom said they are called Killdeer.

We also saw this strange thing. Someone was walking a baby deer on a leash at the park. Still not sure what was going on there! We stayed back a bit, because we made it nervous. Never dull at our park!

We also helped making our favorite treats rice krispies, or as we call them RK.

We also had some strawberry sorbet to cool us down.

Next week is our birthday, wonder what will go on!