Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Woof-o-ween!

Happy Woof-o-ween ghouls and goblins!

Ayyy Matey!

Finding my inner princess

Go team!

Working it!

How did I get mixed up in this!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

1st barkiversary

Tomorrow will be the 1st anniversary to the day we came to live in our current home. Been quite an eventful year! Think we are pretty happy here, guess we will stay.

So much changes in a year!

What goodies will we get to celebrate!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Adventures at the Lake

Two weekends ago we took at little adventure to a place close to home. We explored the Children's Lake in Boiling Springs. We have driven by it hundreds of times, but never really stopped to check it out! Definitely always see lots of interesting birds and animals hanging out. Actually, just this week someone posted on the local news site seeing a bald eagle! cumberlink Unfortunately, we didn't get to see that this time, but we did see a lot of other things!!

a loon!

We also crossed the road and checked out this area with an old iron furnace.

It was such a beautiful place. Hopefully we can explore some more there. Looking forward to new adventures this weekend!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Road Trip!! Part 3

Last installment on the saga of our road trip. Have to talk about some of the other places we went to and our adventures, while we were at the beach.

We did a tour of the boardwalk in Ocean City MD. Saw lots of other doggies, visited the K9cafe, and tried to eat smashed french fries like the seagulls. Yep, all around fun!

A pack of Westies, oh my!

At the K9cafe, what goodies can we get?

Meet another sheltie at the K9cafe named Toby. Let the barkfest proceed!

yum, Yum, yum!!!

The monkey we got at the K9cafe had 7 squeaker and a monkey grunting sound thingy. It rode with us on the way back.

We also went to Northside park in Ocean City.

This was a really cool garden at the park. Someone put a lot of work into this!

Saw a snowy egret!

Chased some butterflies. It was a lovely park. Got some loving there from the park keeper.

We had a fantastic adventure! Ready to go again!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Road Trip!! Part 2

Along with enjoying the beach, we got to stay in a hotel for the first time. We did really well, and behaved. Moms were really proud. We rode the elevator like pros, even saw other dogs! Here we thought we were the only ones in the hotel! We helped moms get Starbucks in the hotel lobby. The man at the sliding doors seem to love us, he petted us when we came in and out. We made ourselves at home in the hotel room.

Sheltie wake up call!

Checking out the surf.

Morning stretches on the balcony.

We even played with our new toy in the room!

Ready for another stay!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Road Trip!! Part 1

Last weekend moms took us on a long road trip. We weren't sure what was going on, being in the car longer than we normally are. We stopped and took a pee break at Burger King, got to nibble on some yummy fries while we had an impromptu picnic under a tree. We saw other doggies taking road trips too. We were really good travelers, slept part of the time and just went with the flow. Everywhere we stopped we got loving on the way.

Finally!!! We made it to the beach. Not sure what to make of it at first. This sand stuff, we had to sniff and run through. Then we digged, look at this stuff fly!! Wait, what, what is this moving water stuff. Birds, chase these birds! Kites flying, so much going on!

We loved it! By the time we had to come home, we were jumping in the waves, running the beach, and loving the sand!

Check out our first moments on the sand -

Abby checking the waves out

Too much going on!