Monday, February 22, 2010

Still Winter

Another week of winter and snow. Tried again this weekend to hit our park. Some roads have been opened into the park, but we still aren't able to do our normal trail. There were huge piles of snow for us to tackle, so at least we had something to have fun with.

We tried to help mom through the snow, but she held us down.

We were shocked this week too that Lilly ventured outside. Think she has a bit of spring fever.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Cabin Fever

We have had several big snows the past few weeks. We love the snow! Unfortunately, too much snow might not be such a good thing. Mom had to make us trails in our yard with the big snow blowing machine, cause we couldn't make it through the snow. Also, we haven't been able to go to our park every day like we normally do. It is full of snow, and we can't get through it!

We went to check out the situation in the park this weekend.

We can't get through!!

Mom I am stuck!

Wow, our park has big piles of this snow stuff!

Since we couldn't really do much at the park, we decided to go shopping instead.

Got to meet some new dogs.

Our friends from The Furry Friends Network were at the store. We had to go put some money in their jar.

Hey Aiden, look there is food under here!

Can we have a biscuit!

Doggy valentines at the register!!

So, we got out a little bit this weekend. Cabin fever was getting the best of us. Hopefully some of that white stuff melts so we can get back to our park. In the meantime at least we can play in our back yard.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wacky Winter Weather

The weather has been impacting our playing activities the past week. We had lots of rain, then it got really cold, and this weekend we are suppose to get lots of snow. We really love snow though! Moms not so crazy about it, but they enjoy watching us playing in it.

We did manage to get to our favorite spots.

Walks at the park.

Ice pond over our trail.

We had to go "off road" through the woods to avoid the ice pond. We didn't mind though, more sniffings.

Still enjoying the sun on a cold winter day.

Our poor park though. Was major flooding and lots of debris on our trail.

We still had fun though, meet some of our anipals.

Also went to the lake to feed our bird friends.

Did we get all the bread???

The loon was at the park again!

Waiting for the snow this weekend!!...