Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bath Trauma

It was such a warm and wonderful day today. We went to the park as usual.

We also went to petsmart to pick up some beauty supplies. Something was mentioned about a bath, but we weren't sure what that was. We were tired from the hot day at the park. Earlier in the week we had some fun rolling in the mud after the rain, and on Friday after the grass was cut we became leprechauns after doing some pro wrestling in the nice wet grass. So, mom said we were very dirty puppies. This is the result....

Do I look thrilled??

Over all we were traumatized, but survived. Got the full spa treatment - shampoo, nails, trimming, brushing. Mom said something about wishing she was treated so well. Our crate beds are freshly clean smelling too. We will see how long all this clean stuff lasts.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy bunny ears day!

Sorry we haven't blogged for a while. Mom was an idiot and left her camera at grandma and grandpa's house last weekend. So, she couldn't blog about the horses and the herd of deer we saw at the park last weekend. Plus, we were busy playing in the snow showers this week and finishing some gardening in the evenings.

Anyway, the herd of deer at the park, we saw again!!

I wonder how scared that woman was! We were just getting into the car to go home after our walk.

We had a good easter, our first baskets!!

Mom had to torture us with the bunny ears, we weren't impressed.

Even Lilly wasn't immune!

Just some cuteness....

We are hoping that next weekend that cousin Connor will come over to play!

Hope everyone had a good bunny ear day!