Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our Beginnings

The breeder of Aiden and Abby was kind enough to email me pictures of the litter, mom and dad, and pictures of Aiden and Abby as very young puppies. It is amazing how much they have changed just over the past couple of weeks! So cute as a button. Mom and dad are beautiful. They were born from a litter of 11!! Pictures for the scrap book!

I think Aiden is the second from the left, and Abby is the third from the left.

Mom Jasmine:

Dad Joc:

Growing Up Sheltie

We continue to take our daily walks in the park. It has been really rainy lately. So, the walks can turn really soggy or icy - depending on the temperature!! Of course the ponds of ice and water really fascinate us puppies.

Since we still don't have our fenced in yard, little substitute run for now. While at the park, we take a run around the enclosed tennis courts. Still haven't quite got the concept of throwing the ball...and then returning it! But, we are trying and having fun!

Check us out in action!:

Aiden seemed to like the bed in Abby's Diva Den. On his "out of crate time" he would spend it sleeping in her crate. So mom Lisa had to spoil little boy with the same fleece bed.

Bad moms still haven't let us open our Christmas gifts yet. We did get some new toys from Aunt Lora and just some "spoil us toys".

Still chilling at the holidays.

Growing up big and strong!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Busy Weekend

We went on Saturday for some more puppy shots at the vet. We were both very good puppies and took our shots without a whimper. Aiden now weights almost 24 pounds, and Abby almost 19 pounds. Abby gained the most in the past three weeks, she is almost catching up to Aiden. The vet said they are both doing very well, and are right on target for everything. Their fur is really starting to fill in, soon be a full blown sheltie fur ball. After the vet we went for our usual walk in the park. This time we saw a pillated woodpecker. New bird! Never saw one of these in the flesh. We got a really far away, blurry picture of it:

We always chill in the the car on the way back from our run in the park:

We have been doing our best too to try and get along with Lilly:

It has been a slow process! Hopefully we can all have fun at Christmas in a few days!

Past Christmas

I found this video from last year's Christmas. The last Christmas Liam was with us. Didn't ever dream it would be his last, or he wouldn't be here for this Christmas. He always loved ripping open gifts, and was truly like a kid. I suspect the Aiden and Abby will enjoy it as much.

When we were at the vet over the weekend for more puppy shots, we pulled up to see some people in an SUV. At first I wasn't sure what these people were doing, but apparently they were saying their last goodbyes to their beloved dog. Brought a tear to my eye. I felt so bad for them.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Visiting Santa

We went to visit santa the other week after our walk in the park at Petsmart.  We were very good puppies, and waited patiently in line for our turn to see santa.  When it was our turn we sat very nicely on santa's lap and posed for out picture.  Santa even got some kisses from us.  Hopefully he brings us what we want for Christmas.....(maybe a fence to run in if we are really good).  While we waited for our picture to be processed, we got a peanut butter biscuit.  Very yummy!  

We also posed very nicely by the Christmas tree....