Saturday, February 28, 2009

We're Free!!

We LOVE our new fence (and so does mommies)!!! We run and run, chase each other. We never want to come inside.

We have also been bonding with our sister Lilly.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Weeee! The fence guys finally came today!! Part of it is already up, they said they should be done tomorrow!

Tore up the yard a bit, but I guess that is to be expected. Been a little wet out lately! Suppose to rain/snow tomorrow, so hopefully they can finish it. We want to run! (seems smaller than we expected, but will be nice to run and go out with out our collars on. Mom said we can hang outside when they are in the pool too! Fencing is expensive apparently!)

This would be why we need a fence. Leash burn. It ain't pretty!

Oh at the park this weekend we saw a red bellied woodpecker. He sure was making some strange noises.

....just cause we are cute!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Abby the dog, Crate Bling and miscellaneous stuff

We are watching Westminster with mom tonight. Well, more like we are napping now after fighting over the same bone, and mom is watching it. We did enjoy the sheltie last night in the herding group, but think that the collie should have really won. At least the pekingese didn't win this year, is that really a dog?

Abby had lost her name tag with her address somewhere last week. Well today, she got mail! Someone was kind enough to return it to her. Addressed to: Abby the dog.

At least it was just her name tag and not Abby that was lost! Luckily next week we are getting a fence - yeahhhhhhh!!

Mom thinks she is funny putting this bling on our crates:

Abby's diva den. She is the only one who wears the crown.

Aiden's naughty nook. Kiss him and he turns into a prince.

Why is it there are 20 bones on the floor, but we both want the same one?


No bones on the floor here! Boo!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ice Sucks

We quite like snow. Fun to run, roll and eat. Ice not so nice. Well, we enjoy eating it, but walking on it can be a challenge. We are certainly up for it! Park here we come!!

Come on, we are ready to go! Hurry up!!!

Mush, mush! Sheltie mule team.

Finches in the back yard trying to survive the winter.

Guess this weather is going to hault our fence production. We will see when the fence guy gets back to us. We can't wait to play freely in the snow in the back yard, and yes even the ice. At least mom won't have to risk a broken neck that way.


Ok, we are new to this blogger world. Apparently we have been tagged by Cool Design Shelties.

The fifth folder in our photobucket, the fifth picture:

Hum, very odd don't you think? Who takes a picture of the ceiling? I guess I do!
This was at the Borgata Casinos in Atlantic City in one of the restaurants. I think we liked the tin ceiling if I can remember. Nice picture of my finger too!

Ok, so we tag.....Key West Collies, Ludo, Morgan in Pittsburgh, Sara, and Josh and Jessie