Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter eggstravaganza

Last weekend we attended the Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by our friends The Furry Friends Network. The proceeds benefited other anipals. We had a barking good time!!! So much going on! Other dogs to meet & greet, eggs with goodies to find, and the Easter Bunny to bark at. We were very successful at finding the eggs with the biscuits in them. There were other eggs that had pieces of paper with numbers on them. We then could pick other goodies for these pieces of paper. Sooooo many goodies! Unfortunately mom had to bug us with these bunny ear things. We humored her and tried to get some goodies out of our basket. Aiden somehow found his way to help himself to some other dogs goodies in their basket sitting on the ground. All is fair in egg hunting I guess!

So many dogs to say hi to!

Where is that biscuit egg??

We even made another sheltie friend!!! We were so excited seeing another sheltie in the park. His name was Winston!

We then took a walk in our park after the egg hunt. Saw some cool stuff!

There were all these bull frogs making noises in a pond area.

Duck friends hanging out. We even saw the Merganser again! There was a lot of other birds and the blue heron even flew over. So much activity in the park - human and animal!

We had a really great day, and got lots of goodies. Hope our Furry Friends Network got lots of money to help out more animals.

Hope everyone has a Happy Easter!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Soggy Sunday

Well, all the snow is melted, but we have buckets of rain to deal with now. We tried to go to the park today, and got soaked again. Plus, our trail is now covered in water.

It was pretty cool at the park today though, we saw a new bird we never saw before!!

This is a hooded merganser! (mom had to look it up in her bird book).

But at least spring has sprung. Mom found that some of her flowers were blooming.

We have been playing out in the yard, rolling in the dirt. So much fun! Mom said we were a little too dirty, so we had to get a bath today. We were pretty much wet most of the day!

At least we are ready and clean now for the Easter Egg Hunt being held at our park next weekend.
It is going to be so much fun and it benefits our buddies at Furry Friends Network, who help out so many anipals.

Furry Friends Network